Life Changes

Many people face life changes and challenges as they journey through life. This can be dealing with divorce, grief of losing a loved one, children leaving home, moving to a new area and many more. All of which impact on you emotionally and can leave you feeling a bit ‘lost’ or with a hole in your heart in some way.

As you move through this phase adjusting to a change in life, it can be very helpful to have support. With the therapies I offer, there is no need to feel you need to discuss any issues (unless you want to…) but allow yourself to feel supported and boosted by the treatments.

Holistic Therapy Support

Reflexology and Reiki are fantastic at helping to support your emotions and reduce stress, enabling clarity of thought and helping you to cope calmly with situations you might otherwise find quite stressful.

They all help by relieving tension in the body, reducing the stress hormones that are released into your body, helping to calm the mind and allowing the body to rebalance itself. They will also help to deal with many specific ailments.

Everyone’s circumstances can be very different, so each treatment plan needs to be personally tailored. I start with a holistic assessment of your lifestyle, diet, and spiritual wellbeing before suggesting an individualised treatment plan.

You will need a few sessions to understand whether a treatment is having a positive impact on you. I recommend that first few treatments are conducted in quick succession, to really encourage your body to heal.

I am very happy to book you in for individual sessions, however I do offer a treatment package for 6 sessions which includes a free treatment.

Life Change Support Package – £300

(6 treatments includes one FREE treatment)

Is likely to include a mixture of Reiki, Foot / Facial Reflexology and possibly massage too.

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