Low Energy

Lack of energy or feeling constantly fatigued can be a sign of other issues going on within the body and/or mind, particularly if it is a long term issue.

Reiki and Reflexology help to relax and de-stress the body, enabling it to function more efficiently, which have a positive impact on energy levels and mood.

I will assess your body, nutrition and lifestyle holistically and will suggest a course of treatments (and possibly also changes to lifestyle and diet) to help re-balance your body’s energy and bring you back to optimum health.

“After a bout of ill health and a lot of research, I decided to take control of my own recovery, as modern medicine seemed to be failing me, especially in lockdown.
Following an initial consultation, Carine tailored her skill set to work on my energy levels. Whilst I don’t truly understand her abilities, I can honestly say that the results that I experienced rapidly took me beyond my initial health goals.
My fitness and immunity have returned and I am very grateful for Carine’s support. I now have a new outlook on my health and mental well-being and Carine is an ongoing part of that.”

GM - Prestwood

Energy Boosting Treatment Plan

Suffering with a lack of energy is an individual and multi-faceted issue, therefore each treatment plan needs to be personally tailored. I start with a holistic assessment of your lifestyle, diet, and spiritual wellbeing before suggesting an individualised treatment plan. 

You will need a few sessions to understand whether a treatment is having a positive impact on you. I recommend that first few treatments are conducted in quick succession, to really encourage your body to heal.

I recommend an initial series of 6 treatments over a 3-4 month period to help to kickstart your wellbeing, specifically aiming to:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Regulate sleep
  • Lift mood and energy levels

We will also discuss lifestyle and nutrition, I will also provide advice to empower you to make lifestyle changes, taking control of your own healing.

I am very happy to book you in for individual sessions, however I do offer a treatment package for 6 sessions which includes a free treatment.

Energy Boosting Treatment Package – £300

(6 treatments including one FREE treatment)

Is likely to include a mixture of Reiki, Foot / Facial Reflexology and possibly massage too.

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