About Carine

Hi, I’m Carine Evans and I’m a Holistic Therapist. I truly believe that looking after your health and well-being is so much more than just eating the right foods and exercising (although these are clearly an important part of helping us to feel good!)

Many ailments that people experience can be directly related to issues they are dealing with in their lives or things they have experienced in their past that have affected the flow of energy through their body, which can create dis-ease within the body.

I feel that treating someone is not just about healing an individual symptom, but looking at the person as a whole and helping to heal the mind and spirit of the person, not just the body.

For me, being a Holistic Therapist and working with Energy Therapies is my vocation. I am passionate about wanting to make a positive impact on humanity. I want to raise awareness in how Energy Therapies can significantly improve a person’s health without the side effects of medication. As a grounded and ‘normal’(!) person, I want people to understand that Holistic Therapies are not all ‘woo woo’!!

I live in Prestwood, near Great Missenden and I’m married, have 2 children and a crazy rescue dog. I am also a super keen open water swimmer!

My Holistic Journey

From adolescence until I was 35 years old I suffered with a hormone imbalance and chronic Cystitis. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) at the age of 19. I didn’t know what this meant for me and no one really explained it – they just sent me away with a load of pills and told me to go and get on with my life. Even with the pills, heavy periods, bad skin, weight gain, night sweats and blood sugar issues (and the cystitis!) were just a normal way of life for me.

It wasn’t until I decided I wanted to have kids and was struggling to conceive, that I started to really investigate and understand my condition. As part of me seeking to put my body in the right place, I decided to have some Reflexology and Reiki. I will never forget the first Reiki session treatment I received as it made me feel amazing; it amplified every colour, sound and smell. It was incredible!

I have since managed to conceive and bring up 2 gorgeous young adults and a scan has showed I no longer have PCOS and I also no longer suffer with Cystitis!

Taking the first step…..

When my daughter had problems with her gut motility as a tiny baby and the only solution the doctors could suggest was suppositories until she could walk (when ‘gravity’ would sort it out), I decided I needed to seek an alternative therapy. Cranial Sacral Therapy worked and was truly amazing! At that point, it reminded me of the Reiki treatment I had received three years earlier and I wondered if Reiki might be something I could train in, so that I could help my daughter and my family with their health and wellbeing.

Over the following 2 years I trained to become a Reiki Master and since then, I have had an incredible journey in the last 17 years, training in many different therapies and techniques and having successfully treated many clients with a wide range of issues. This expertise I want to share with the world!

If you think I might be the right person to help you, then please do get in touch. I’m very happy to have a chat with you to see if I can help!

My Qualifications


  • Reiki Levels I, II and Master
  • Crystal Reiki Practitioner


  • Reflexology ITEC Diploma
  • Facial Reflexology – Advanced Techniques Training
  • Reflexology for Female Conditions – Advanced Techniques Training
  • Reflexology for Digestive Health – Advanced Techniques Training
  • Intuitive Reflexology – Advanced Techniques Training
  • Meridian Reflexology – Advanced Techniques Training

    Ear Candling
    Foundation Kinesiology Practitioner
    The Healing Codes
    Anatomy and Physiology ITEC Diploma

    Holistic Massage

    • Holistic Massage – ITEC Diploma
    • Natural Face Lift Massage
    • Massage for Headaches, Migraines and Sinusitis – Advanced Techniques Training
    • Hot Stone Massage – Advanced Techniques Training
    • Massage for RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis and Golf Elbow- Advanced Techniques Training
    • Trigger Points – Advanced Techniques Training
    • Deep Tissue Massage – Advanced Techniques Training
    • Massage for the Elderly and Infirm – Advanced Techniques Training
    • Massage for Frozen Shoulder – Advanced Techniques Training

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