Many people suffer from migraines and headaches, one in five women experience them at some stage in their lives. More often than not, we take some medication to relieve and suppress our symptoms and try to get on with our day.

When we get awful headaches or migraines it is a symptom of our body being out of balance in some way.

It’s fantastic that medication can help us manage symptoms, but wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t need to take medication at all? Treating the cause instead, to prevent headaches and migraines from happening in the first place.

How can Holistic Therapies can help

A significant proportion of headaches and migraines are brought on by neck and shoulder tension (although this may not be the root cause, it still needs attention). I offer Specialist Migraine Massage of the head, neck and shoulders, which helps to release ‘trigger’ points; areas of muscle tension that are known to contribute to migraines.

Reflexology helps to bring the body back into balance, easing stress and tension which then encourages the body to heal itself. Once the body is stronger and more balanced, migraines are much less likely to occur. Reflexology can make a big difference to hormonal migraines, particularly as women approach the Menopause, when migraines can actually become more frequent and severe.

When someone comes to see me with debilitating migraines, I might use several different therapies, either in different sessions or sometimes combining therapies in the same session. Using a combination of Reflexology and Massage can help to re-align a person’s energy and also reduce neck and shoulder tension, helping prevent the migraines from being able to develop in the first place.

I have had fantastic results using a combined treatment approach, helping clients live a normal ‘migraine free’ life.

Migraine Treatment Plan

I would love to help support you on your healing journey using an integrated holistic approach involving in-clinic treatments, recommended lifestyle changes and ‘at home’ self treatment.

I recommend an initial series of 6 treatments over a 3-4 month period to help kickstart your well being.

You will need to start with a few sessions in fairly quick succession. Cumulative treatments close together significantly elevate the body’s ability to rebalance & heal, achieving a positive impact more quickly.

As part of the treatment, we will also discuss lifestyle and nutrition to empower you to better manage your own health and improve your whole well-being.

I am very happy to book you in for individual sessions, however a package of 6 sessions includes a free treatment. Any subsequent treatments after the initial 6 can be bought in blocks of 6 or individually.

    Migraine Busting Package – £300

    (includes one FREE treatment)

    Typical Schedule and suggested treatments (can be designed to meet your specific needs):

    Wk1 – Consultation + Specialist Head Neck and Shoulder massage – 90 mins

    Wk2 – Foot Reflexology – 60 mins

    Wk4 – Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage and Facial Reflexology – 60 mins

    Wk7 – Foot Reflexology – 60 mins

    Wk11 – Ear Candling, Reiki and Specialist Head Neck and Shoulder massage – 75 mins

    Wk15 – Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage, Facial Reflexology and Reiki – 90 mins

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