What is Facetastics?

Exercising your facial muscles and improving facial muscle tone can literally lift years off your face and help you achieve a healthy glowing complexion. Facial muscles are the only muscles in the body that attach directly to the skin. So, when facial muscles sag, the skin attached sags too!

As you exercise the face, you actually tone and enlarge the muscles, improving the tautness of the skin, giving the appearance of a fuller, more youthful look.

Based on my extensive research, I have designed a facial exercise programme called ‘Facetastics’ that involves a daily ten minute exercise routine that will exercise the muscles in your face, toning them to help lift your face and give you a healthy glow.

Why do facial exercises?

As a Holistic Therapist trained in Reflexology, Reiki and lots of different types of massage, 15 years ago I also trained in Facial Massage. From having done this training I realised there was so much more to ageing and looking youthful than skincare alone.

I want everyone to know there is a natural, healthy alternative to ‘ageing gracefully’ and that they don’t need to surrender themselves to facial aesthetic treatments or really expensive face creams!! Don’t get me wrong, a good skincare routine is a very important factor, (which, as a Tropic Ambassador I would always advocate!) but it’s not the whole story.

I studied in detail how the facial muscles are attached to the skin and how they can be trained to keep you looking younger and well for your actual age! One of my inspiriations has been my mother, who has done facial exercises for years and she looks amazing for her age. I then started to think about how powerful it would be to combine daily facial exercises with the Face Lift Massages, which is how I came to develop ‘Facetastics’: a facial exercise programme that targets the most relevant muscles to keep the wrinkles at bay…… ‘Facial Gymnastics to help you look Fantastic’!!

I wanted to design something that was easy, fun and accessible to all. Importantly it also needed to be empowering for people to realise that they can help themselves look fresher and younger by just doing 10 minutes worth of exercises per day.

The Workshops

A Facetastics workshop lasts about 1.5 – 2 hours, I provide you with lots of information about your face; including factors that affect the appearance and age of our skin, as well as how to remove the tension from our faces and care for our skin.

The majority of the time is spent learning a ten minute exercise routine that exercises the muscles in your face, toning them to help lift your face and give you a healthy glow.

I teach workshops in groups, one to one, or as a ‘girls night in’ for a group of ladies to get together and learn something useful whilst having fun!

Come along to a workshop or get some friends together and offer to host a workshop to get an amazing discount! Please contact me to find out more.

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