Facial Reflexology

When people think Reflexology, most people (who have an idea what it is) think FEET. However, you can also map the reflexes (points) for different parts of the body on the face, which can be manipulated to help improve your health and mood.

A Facial Reflexology session provides all the benefits of Foot Reflexology to leave you feeling well balance and calm. This is done by gently working on reflexology pressure points on the face. This, combined with acupressure points to balance your body’s energy flow, results in an amazing treatment!.

This treatment is particularly effective in helping people with hormonal issues and migraines. However Facial Reflexology can help all sorts of health problems including digestive issues, back and joint pain, respiratory problems etc.

I am able to combine Facial Reflexology with my Face Lift Massage treatment; SO deeply relaxing, but also very therapeutic AND lifting your face – All at once! 2 treatments, 3 major benefits!

This session also combines facial skin refreshing and toning massage techniques, which encourage fresh circulation and detoxing of the skin to promote skin cell renewal.

To end the session perfectly you can choose to receive a tailored neck, shoulder, or holistic head massage, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed!

After having had Covid in March 2020 I was left with the symptoms of a urine tract infection, having the urge to go to the lavatory in vain all the time. It was driving me mad. The GP prescribed me a course of antibiotics, although urine tests showed that no infection was found. Carine suggested a face reflexology routine that I could do myself, every time I was going crazy with the urge to run to the lavatory, and combine it with rubbing my feet on a specific spot. This was the ONLY thing that would ease these maddening symptoms. After 9 months they were finally gone. Thanks to Carine I could manage to get through this time. I’m forever grateful!

AMG, Great Missenden

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