Ear Candling

Ear Candling is an unusual but very effective therapy for helping to soothe and alleviate many ear, nose and throat ailments. It is a safe treatment that can also help to ease tension in the head and neck. Ear Candling also helps to regulate pressure in the ear in the case of migraines / headaches, flying/diving and sinus issues.

I incorporate Reiki healing into the Ear Candling treatment followed by a relaxing facial massage and acupressure point balance which all helps to to intensify the relaxation and holistic healing.

How does Ear Candling work?

Ear Candling introduces heat into the inner head via the ear canals using hollow beeswax candles which soothe and relax the internal passages. The candles also contain other natural healing ingredients which have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The accompanying facial massage helps to release tension from facial muscles, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, and release blocked energy from around the face.

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