Tropic Skincare

With my work in Facial Reflexology, Face Lift massage and my Facetastics facial yoga workouts, it should come as no surprise that I am an ambassador for Tropic Skincare products!

Tropic products are high quality, effective, natural products to help with all sorts of skin types and issues, plus the core skincare range is now organic. They are freshly made in Tropic’s Surrey beauty kitchen using sustainably sourced, premium natural plant based ingredients which are healthy for our bodies and the environment.

Tropic is the fastest growing skincare company in the UK. They are at the leading edge of science in the field of natural skincare, developing many new, innovative, award winning products.


A Natural and Ethical Way to Looking Your Best

I love being involved with Tropic, as the products are so natural and fantastic. In addition, Tropic are looking at every way possible to reduce the carbon footprint and in fact they are carbon negative, which means they give back to the environment more than they take out. Tropic invest in rainforest and coral reef conservation. Furthermore, the packaging is increasingly becoming refillable and fully recyclable.

Tropic cater for various skin types and issues. If you would like to understand how and which Tropic products can help you look your best, please contact me for a free consultation.

You can of course browse my online shop and the latest magazine, although it is always a good idea to contact me first before ordering, as I can make sure you get the best deal.

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