Reiki is a form of ‘universal’ healing energy, it is a wonderful treatment to receive. A flow of this ‘life force’ energy is channelled through my hands onto a person’s body to help unblock and rebalance their energy circuits. It introduces positive energy which helps to activate the a body’s natural ability to heal itself.

If our ‘life force’ energy is low, we are more likely to fall ill or feel stress, whilst if it is high we are more able to be happy and healthy.

Reiki helps to relieve stress and tension, give you mental clarity, remove toxins from your body and also to release any held in emotions. It also helps your body heal itself from many common complaints and illnesses, such as Stress, Anxiety, PMT, Menopausal problems, Migaine, ME, Back & Neck pain, Arthritis, Insomnia, Depression and Asthma as well as having an overall effect of helping to strengthen your immune system.

“A wonderful relaxing experiencing – difficult to stay awake! I always come away feeling re-balanced and renewed.Thank you Carine.”
– Beverley Kinane