Low Immunity

Having a healthy body and fully functioning immune system is so important and contributes massively to your quality of life. Your immune system is a complex system of blood cells and organs, and it protects the body from harmful germs that can cause illness. If you find that you are frequently getting infections (and have difficulty fighting them off), have persistent fatigue, or digestive issues, you might have a weak immune system.

A low immune system can be caused by a number of factors including diet, certain medications, infections, or having an autoimmune disorder.

If you suspect you have a weak immune system there are many steps at home you can take to keep yourself healthy and maximize your immunity. For example eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising regularly will help strengthen your immune system.

Holistic Therapies To Boost Immunity

Reflexology, Reiki and Massage can help boost your immune system. As well as being able to target specific problems you might have, these therapies all have a significant positive effect on your general wellbeing, including reducing stress and helping you to sleep better.

Reflexology has the added benefits of helping your body’s energy rebalance and it reduces your stress levels, boosting your organs to work effectively.

Reiki can help reduce your stress levels, lift your mood and also rebalance your body.

Massage can help you to relax and encourage your lymphatic defence system to flow around your body. It has been clinically proven to boost white blood cells, the first line defence of your immune system.

People who have not yet experienced the healing benefits and immense pleasure of Reflexology, Reiki and massage treatments find it hard to believe that something so enjoyable can be so good for you!

Immune Boosting Treatment Plan

Causes of low immunity can vary from person to person, so each treatment plan needs to be personally tailored. I start with a holistic assessment of your lifestyle, diet, and spiritual wellbeing before suggesting an individualised treatment plan. 

You will need a few sessions to understand whether a treatment is having a positive impact on you. I recommend that first few treatments are conducted in quick succession, to really encourage your body to rebalance itself and boost your immunity.

I am very happy to book you in for individual sessions, however I do offer a treatment package for 6 sessions which includes a free treatment.

Immune Boosting Treatment Package – £300

(6 sessions includes one FREE treatment)

Is likely to include a mixture of Reiki, Foot / Facial Reflexology and possibly massage too.

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