Many people suffer from Migraines and Headaches, one in five women suffer with them at some stage in their lives.

When we get awful headaches or migraines it is a symptom of our body being out of balance in some way.

More often than not we take some medication to relieve our symptoms and get on with our day. It is important however to ask yourself:

Why have I got this Headache/Migraine?

Especially if you are a regular sufferer, is there a pattern? Perhaps even keep a diary for a few weeks. You might find some clues as to why / when they happen.

Ask yourself:  

1) Am I stressed?

2) Is my back and neck stiff or tense?

3) Could it be hormonal?

4) What have I eaten today?

5) Have I had enough water?

It’s great that medication can help us manage symptoms but wouldn’t it be great to manage the cause and prevent them from happening at all?!

Dealing with the Cause using Complementary Therapies

A significant proportion of headaches and migraines a brought on by neck and shoulder tension. I offer specialist migraine head, neck and shoulder massage, which helps to release ‘trigger’ points; areas of muscle tension that are known to cause migraines.

Reflexology helps to bring the body back into balance, easing stress and tension which then encourages the body to heal itself. Once the body is stronger and more balanced, migraines are much less likely to occur. Reflexology can particularly make a big difference for hormonal migraines, particularly as women approach the Menopause, when migraines can actually become more frequent and severe.

I have had some fantastic results using a combined treatment approach, helping clients live a normal ‘migraine free’ life. Contact me to find out more