1. Body Prep is Key

If you want your tan to stick around, you need to prep your skin. Applying colour over skin that hasn’t been exfoliated will only fade as the cells shed and will not last as long.

Exfoliate gently the morning or evening before applying any tan, Tropic’s ‘Body Smooth’ is a fantastic salt scrub, infused with lemon oil and myrtle that leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky after exfoliation

The only areas that need just a little moisturiser before tanning are parts of skin that are prone to feeling more dry like the less fleshy pieces of skin such as the elbows and knees. Tan can over absorb in these parts of the body so just moisturise delicately on them, especially on the ankle bone.

2. Fake Tan Application Technique

DON’T use your bare hands unless you want your palms to look like they belong to an Oompa Loompa!

Get yourself a mitt. Using a mitt ensures an even, streak free finish. Sweeping motions are better than circular motions as they distribute the product more evenly, ensuring you have a flawless finish.

To avoid any tan seeping right through, it might be a good idea to pop on a pair of latex gloves first.

3. Treat Hands & Feet Differently When Applying Fake Tan

To avoid the telltale signs of a faux glow, use the residue product left on the mitt after body application.

4. Tweak Your Technique to Tan Your Face

The cell turnover on our faces is more rapid than anywhere else on our bodies, and if you use AHAs or retinol, that’ll only speed the process up. Incorporating a liquid tanning solution such as Tropic’s ‘Sun Drops’ into your daily moisturiser will avoid a quick fade.

5. Keep Those Pesky Little Brown Dots Away

Have you ever noticed a rash of little brown dots all over your legs? Then you are shaving too close to your tan application. Shave at least 24 hours before and the pores will then have time to seal over again. Any waxing is best done two days before. This will also allow any wax residue to be washed away leaving skin clear.

Alternatively, blasting your legs with cold water (if you can hack it) before application to minimise the appearance of pores. A cold compress (like a damp flannel) also works wonders.

6. Taking it Slow Will Result in a More Even Finish

You should dedicate at least half an hour to applying, buffing and perfecting your tan. Pop on a playlist – the sunnier the tunes the better in winter Go over every single bit of the body, then double check your handy work in the mirror.

7. Nurture Your Tan

You need to take care of your tan while it develops. Loose clothes (preferably dark ones), no sweaty workouts and not doing the dishes! All of these can mark or dent your tan.

8. The Right Water Temperature

Anything too hot could sabotage your glow. When showering try and keep the water a little cooler than normal. Avoid hot soaks in the bath. This can help preserve the colour for longer.

9. Moisturise, Moisturise and Moisturise Some More

To Keep Your Colour on Lock-Down. If your skin is dry and flaky, it’ll only result in uneven patches. Use Tropic’s ‘Body Love’ to help keep that tan going for longer!

10. Don’t Forget to Use Sunscreen

Fake tan does not build up a barrier to the sun and stop you from burning. Your skin will actually be more sensitive to the sun after exfoliating and applying fake tan. If you are going out into the sun remember to apply a Sunscreen and not just at the beach!! Tropic has a fantastic suncare range that really help to protect your skin.